středa 17. srpna 2011

WOC 2011 Long: The Best of Live Blog Comments

Runners not quite on time
  • First starter Helen Palmer has been out for 90 minutes, still maybe 20 minutes to finish.
  • Nice how Forsberg expects Hajek at 12th control (split) soon... He is on the way to 8... :-)
  • Nordberg and Ikonen will run 93... And Thierry 85 ;-)) (In fact Thierry 107 and Pasi 111, where the expected winner's time was 94.)
Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes
  • Klingenberg 30 minutes to the first control!
  • I've never seen so many concurrent mistakes with 10 minute tails not enough!
  • This race destroys years of mental training.
  • Clasesson lost.
  • Emma Claesson, can still repair it??
  • Claesson is out. This is a 15 min miss. (In fact a 14'-loss, but Emma ends the race in 18th place.)
  • What is Minna Kaupi doing? She is running in directon Finland now!!!
  • Pasi just passed Minna.
  • Did Mina pick the best route? (From start right to finish... ;-)
  • Kauppi does a Claesson/Chatang.
  • After this race mental coaches have to take overtime.
  • How can women have split time at control #10? It is in the middle of the forked part :-/
  • I hope there is enough water at the first split. :-) (Watching how each runner used up a few cups.)
  • So they've separated runners from the same country by one start position... which I presume means they have the same butterfly order.
Is there a compass problem?
  • Jansson: LOOK AT THE COMPASS!!! :o
  • Is there a problem with the magnetic field?? Everyone that has gone straight on to the first checkpoint has gone too far left, or am I wrong? I doubt that both Claesson and Jansson does a almost 90 degrees direction fault on a woc race. And now look at Luscher doing the same thing!!
  • They run downhill. Guess they not look at compass (or sun?).
  • Finally, the last starter Adamski has done the straight route to no. 1 perfectly!
About Thiery
  • The king is in the forest.
  • Go Tero go! No we will see something what hasn't happened before in the orienteerings history.
  • Thierry has now clear terrain without other orienteers in front of him, which is good for his performance.
Swiss go like clock
  • What about Swiss cheese?
  • Hubmann is going like the clock! Hopp Suisse!
Trains with locomotives...
  • Nordberg, Ikonen and Lauenstein - now there's a train you want to be in!
  • Russian-Swedish train from first online. Novikov soon together with Mamleejev, Tchevtkov, Boström and Andersson.
... but French have TGV!
  • And now mistake from Gonon, is he waiting for Thierry?
  • Gonon just ran in the shape of a heart... a message to a special someone?
  • Looks like Gonon went after the #7 when he actually was leaving #5, big mistake ?
  • Gonon is flying Thierry to win just now... ;)
  • Gonon is being domestique for Tero.
  • Thierry still behind Gonon.... strange tactic from a champion.
  • Don't look like 6 minutes behind Thierry will give meal, sorry Gonon. (In fact Gonon scored 3rd!)
Fashion police
  • Nordberg carrying a bottle? That's a classy bum-bag Nordberg has got on.
  • Chris Forne new current leader. In shorts as usual.