pátek 9. března 2007

Highlights of Reciprocity Conference

Two weeks ago I spent a couple of days at Lago di Maggiore, at the conference on social preferences, called Reciprocity: Theories and Facts. Three speakers are worth mentioning:
  1. Herbert Gintis, Santa Fe Institute, the author of Game Theory Evolving, a superb problem-oriented textbook. I like the book a lot and the author even more; he's engaging, interesting and poses "sexy" problems. In his keynote speech, he focused on the role of social norms in out-of-equilibrium behavior. What's interesting is that he illustrated that evolutionary game theory is an alternative and more realistic route how to explain certain type of equilibria, especially Aumann's correlated equilibrium.
  2. Joel Sobel, U of California, San Diego. The title of talk is self-explanatory: Do markets make people selfish? The main point is that "markets don't make people selfish, only make them look selfish."
  3. Robert Dur, Erasmus University Rotterdam. A 34-year old guy, who had a great motivating story for his paper, a perfectly structured presentation, and is moreover very friendly and nice. By the way, I'm just working on an extension of one of his recent papers...