pondělí 28. listopadu 2005

F1 vs. WRC II.

The dichotomy echoes also in Macro vs. Micro. In F1, you want to see the macro picture, since cars are too fast. In WRC, you want to see the race from within the cabin, where all the natural beauty passes quickly around. F1 team - like Macroeconomists - have a grand strategy, a few variables to control, and derive large implications from hypotheses. They construct models to be immediately tested.
A WRC driver - like a Microeconomist - pays attention to details, allows to be inspired by any observation, considers hundreds of behavioral modes and tactics, and doesn't make clear implications from ideas he suggests.

Yes, you guess right: I am a Microeconomist, an Orienteer, so I like WRC more than F1. Anyway, as a Renault-owner, it was of course my duty this year to watch how Renault goes for individual and team victories...