pondělí 14. listopadu 2005

The Blue Angel

The best gift I received on the occassion of my Friday Name Day was a blue-eyed angel visit. The cute angel is called Jachymek and I confess that all people love him since the very first encounter. Most time - when growing teeth don't hurt and mummy is close - Jachymek is smiling, enjoying himself (and his cars) and playing with us with a great sense for play. Also, he's just learnt to bark, can imitate a kittie's "yauu", and climbs stairs as fast as Reinhold Messner. His recent achievement is 'silly walk', and now he loves to rush through the house just to enjoy the newly acquired motion and speed. He's making some progress in speaking, but, for some reason, he consistently refuses to repeat "prosim, prosim" (please). Maybe it's difficult to pronounce; for a baby like him, "bagr" (digger) and even "batyskaf" (bathyscape) are far easier to tell...
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