pátek 21. října 2005

Jet Lag

Jet lag, that’s a lot of fun. On the way to the west, one can deal with an eight-hour difference without any problem. In my case, after three shorter nights because of social program (can you avoid Hungarian Dance Festival in Canada?), I had at last one very long night (14-hours) in a mountain hostel; it was just after a rushing hike/run of 1000m elevation within 100 minutes. After that, I was perfectly alright.
On the way back to the east, it’s getting to be a bit harder. Monday morning was my landing time in Prague, and upon arrival I had to do some work immediately at the Institute. Anyway, on Wednesday late night I thought that I’m finally back in GMT. Then I woke up on Thursday… It was neither 7 a.m. (usual time), nor 8 a.m. (wake-up time after a hard day), but 12 a.m. Of course I checked all watches, cell phones and alarm clocks to check if somebody is not playing with me. Well, to be honest, I’ve never experienced that before. The odd feeling is thus last but not least remarkable experience from Canada trip.